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How Should You Choose a Tax Preparer?

With tax season upon us, it is very important to choose the right tax preparer to assist you in the completion of your tax returns. The following are a few suggestions that will help guide you in the right direction when you choose a preparer:

– Research the background and the history of the preparer. An easy way to do this is ask around to find others who have used the preparer to get actual testimonials and also make sure the preparer has a PTIN number. The consumer can also check with the Better Business Bureau, the state boards of accountancy, or the IRS Office of Enrollment to check the history of the preparer.

– Ask about fees ahead of time and never have your refunds deposited in the preparers bank account to pay the preparer fee.

– The preparer needs to be accessible even after April 15th in case any questions come up pertaining to your tax return.

– A qualified preparer will always ask questions to verify your income and deductions and request the proper documentation to confirm your figures.

– Review your tax return completely before you sign your paper return or e-file forms. Your preparer should be able to clarify all of your concerns before your return is filed.

– Make sure the preparer includes their PTIN number when they sign the returns.

Hopefully these hints will help you find the tax preparer that is a match for you. Please consult your advisor on all of the above information.

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