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Miscellaneous Expenses You May Not Have Known Are Deductible

Miscellaneous deductions are a great way to help reduce your tax liability for the year. If you itemize your deductions on a Schedule A you may be able to utilize certain expenses that you previously didn’t know were deductible. The catch with these deductions are that their total needs to be more than two percent of your adjusted gross income in order for you to actually deduct them and get a benefit. These expenses include the following:

• Tools for your job.
• Job search costs for a new job (but the new job needs to be in the same line of work that you are currently in).
• Certain work clothes and uniforms (consult your tax advisor to see if yours qualify for the deduction).
• Unreimbursed employee expenses.
• Union dues.
• Work-related travel and transportation.
• Tax preparation fees (which includes efile fees and tax software costs)

Hopefully the above list can get you some additional deductions on your tax return! Please consult your tax advisor on all the above issues.

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