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IRS Outlines Warning Signs of Tax Scams

As we are in the middle of the 2019 summer, the IRS warns that the tax scams are still happening. The scammers usually don’t take breaks, they work all year round. The IRS recently issued general guidelines to follow to help taxpayers recognize potential scams:

Phone Scams
• The IRS does not leave threatening messages.
• The scammers will normally tell you that you will be arrested, deported, or have your license revoked if you do not pay them.
• Scammers can call you from numbers that appear to be from the IRS on your caller ID.

Email Scams
• The IRS does not initiate contact by email, they will send a letter as the first contact.
• If you receive an unsolicited email, you should forward it to

General Signs of a Scam
• The caller demands immediate payment via methods such as wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, or gift cards. The IRS does not use these methods to collect tax payments.
• Ask for checks to be made out to a third party. All payments to the IRS need to be addressed to “U.S. Treasury”.
• Threaten to arrest the taxpayer.
• Demand the taxes get paid with no way to appeal.

If you have any doubt about a call you receive you should hang up the phone immediately and call the IRS directly, 800-829-1040, to find out if the claim is real.

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above information.


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