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Has Your Business Received an Annual Minutes Form?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

An entity has been recently sending out a form to businesses titled “2012 – Annual Minutes Records Form” in an attempt to solicit $125 to complete corporate meeting minutes on behalf of the corporation. Massachusetts corporations are not required to file corporate minutes with the Secretary of State. It appears this entity chose the fee of $125 in an attempt to trick people because that is normally what is due for most corporations’ annual report, which is required by law to be filed with Massachusetts.

It is not required that you do business with Compliance Services. It is important to know that any official statement or request from the Office of the Secretary of State will have the name “William Francis Galvin” clearly displayed on it. You can also contact the office of the Secretary of State if you have any questions about any inquiries you receive, 617-727-9640.

As always, please consult your personal tax advisor on all of the above information.