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How will getting married affect your tax return?

If you got married during the year the first items you should look at are name and address changes. If you changed your name after getting married, you should report your name change as soon as possible to the social security administration. The name on your tax return needs to match the name on file with the social security administration. If they do not match your efile may get rejected or your refund could get held up if your return goes through. To update your information, you should file Form SS-5 which is available at The next step is to report your change of address. You should file Form 8822 in order to change your address with the IRS.

You should also check your withholdings once you get married because your situation is most likely going to change. For example when you combine your income with your spouse, it may put you into a higher tax bracket. A great way to check your withholdings is to use the Tax Withholding Estimator:

You should then check your filing status, married filing joint or married filing separate. In many situations filing joint is more beneficial but not all of them. You should check with your tax advisor to find out which one is better for you.

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