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Understanding how the IRS communicates with you

Arming yourself with the knowledge of how the IRS communicates with taxpayers may help prevent you from becoming a victim to a scam. The IRS has issued some facts about how they typically communicate with taxpayer:

• The IRS does not typically communicate initially with a taxpayer via email. Do not reply to this unsolicited type of email.
• The IRS will not text you or contact you via social media. These two avenues are favorites of scammers.
• The first contact from the IRS is usually via a letter delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Scammers will often tell you that a letter from the IRS was already sent to you because they know most people know that the IRS will first contact you with a letter. If you receive a letter and want to verify if its legit you can search on the IRS website:

Not all notices/letters are searchable on the above site. If you would still like to verify a notice is legit you can call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.

• IRS Revenue Agents or tax compliance officers may call a taxpayer after they send a notice. Below is a guide to assist taxpayers to know whether the call is legit or not:

• IRS Revenue Agents and tax compliance officers will routinely make unannounced visits. Please remember that they only form of pay legit IRS employees will ask for are payments made to the US Treasury. If you get visited make sure to ask for credentials, the IRS will have two forms of identification, a pocket commission and a Personal Identity Verification Credential:

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