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Scam Alert!

A client of ours recently contacted us about this scam because it popped on his MAC while he was gathering his documents for us a complete a tax project for him. The pop up said his computer was infected with a virus/malware, gave off a loud siren noise and to call a number in order to resolve the situation. The pop up also had a cursor moving around to make you think that your computer has been taken over. Our client called the number and while it was ringing he started to question what was happening and luckily hung the phone up. The scammers were hoping he was going to make that call.

Once the unsuspecting victim calls the number the scammer then attempts to get information from you in order to steal your money, they will say such things as the service to fix your computer costs x amount of dollars. This is naturally a fake service in an attempt to steal your hard earned money.

In this case our client closed out the window then did a virus/malware scan and luckily nothing infected his computer. This image is what the screen looked like for our client. Always remember never to give any personal or financial information to any unsolicited sources. In this instance, a quick Google search of the number the pop up wanted this person to call would reveal that it was a scam.

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