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Watch out for Gift Card Scams this Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us who doesn’t like getting gift cards? I am sure most you agree that you love getting them; unfortunately scammers love them as well. For many scammers, that is their preferred payment method. They will often try to impersonate an IRS agent in an attempt to get you to pay a tax bill that doesn’t really exist with a gift card. Make sure to keep in mind that the real IRS will never ask you to pay a tax bill using gift cards. Here are some highlighted facts about this scam:

• Scammers will typically try to pull this scam off with a phone call, but they will also use text messages, emails, and social media.
• The scammer may leave you a voicemail saying one of your accounts has been compromised.
• The scammer will often be threatening or harassing in nature.
• The scammer will claim you have an outstanding tax liability that needs to be paid via gift cards from various stores. The scammer will then ask you to provide the gift card number and PIN.

There are different forms of this scam, such as a person claiming they are from your utility company and are going to cut your power if you do not pay them gift cards, so you always need to be on alert for it.

If you believe you have been targeted by a scammer you can report it on the IRS impersonation Scam Reporting webpage at:

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