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Virus Threats

Many people are aware by now of the fake IRS calls that are going around trying to scam you out of money but you still shouldn’t forget to watch for the basic scams. Many of those scams are malicious (malware) programs. These include spyware, adware, worms, bots, Trojans, and Viruses. A great way to protect against these threats is to have security software on all your devices. Other helpful ways include:

• Encryption software- prevents unauthorized access by hackers or identity thieves.
• Set password protections for all devices.
• Set a password for your wireless network.
• Use pre-installed security software.
• Purchase additional security software.
• Turn on automatic security software updates.
• Avoid downloads from suspicious or unknown software.
• Never download security software from a pop-up ad.

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above information.

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