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Beware of Receiving Fake Tax Refunds

The IRS just issued another warning on a new scam that appears to be the main one the fraudsters are gravitating towards this tax season. The number of people affected by this scam has gone from a couple hundred to several thousand in just a couple days. After the scammers steal your information and data they will then file a fraudulent tax return on your behalf. From there they will use your real bank account number to have the refund deposited into. The next step is for the fraudsters to get you to give them the refund money. The IRS states that there are a couple different versions of the scam to get the money from you.

The first version of the scam is that a criminal will pose as a debt collection agency official that was hired by the IRS to collect the refund that was deposited in your account in error. They will then request that you forward the money to their collection agency.

A second version of the scam is that you will receive an automated call claiming to be from the IRS. The call will include various threats, such as criminal fraud charges if you do not return the money. The recording will give you a case number to call in order to return the refund.

If you receive an erroneous refund you should call the IRS directly to take the next steps, 800-829-1040.

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above issues.

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