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Two New After Tax Season Scams to Look Out For

The April tax filing deadline has passed which means its primetime for scammers to try out new variations of their tax fraud scams. Now is around the time that the IRS generates letters to taxpayers for various issues such as information missing from your return or errors they may have found, the scammers know this which is why they try to target taxpayers around this time. The first new scam the IRS is warning about involves social security numbers:

* The scammers are now calling people and telling them they have the power to suspend or cancel your social security number. They may also mention overdue taxes along with threatening to cancel your social security number.

* The second one is that scammers claim to be from a tax agency (which is fake). They are mailing people letters threatening an IRS lien or levy and claim to be from the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement”, which doesn’t actually exist. They want people to think the letter is from the IRS.

Always remember that the IRS will never call you to demand immediate payment using a specific method such as a debit card or a wire transfer and NEVER give out any personal information to unsolicited calls.

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above information.

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