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New Social Security Number Scam

The scammers are at it again, it appears they never take a break! The scammers are now threatening to suspend or cancel your social security number if you do not pay them the fake overdue taxes they claim you owe. They will often leave you a robocall voicemail and hope they scare you enough to where you call them back.

If you receive a call like this the first thing you do is hang up and also make sure never to give out any sensitive personal information to an unsolicited caller. As a rule of thumb, the IRS will never:

• Call to demand a specific payment using methods such as prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or wire transfers.
• Threaten to have you arrested immediately.
• Demand taxes be paid without giving the taxpayer an opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.

Please consult your tax advisor on the above information.


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