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How to Return an Economic Impact Payment

Some people may have received an Economic Impact Payment and are unsure if they should have, such as receiving a payment for a deceased individual. You would essentially need to return the payment to the IRS address that is based on the state you live in, which is indicated in the IRS Economic Impact Payment information center ( see question 65):

If you are returning a paper check that was not cashed or deposited you should write “void” in the endorsement section on the back of the check and mail it to the appropriate address. Do not staple, bend, or paper clip the check and also include a brief explanation as to why you are returning the check.

When returning a direct deposit or a paper check that was cashed/deposited, you should mail a personal check, money order, etc to the appropriate IRS address. The check/money order should be made out to the “U.S. Treasury” and write 2020 EIP and the taxpayers ID# or social security number on the check. Also include an explanation as to why you are returning it.

A payment to someone who died before receiving the money should be returned to the IRS. Return the entire payment unless it was a joint filer and the spouse is still living. In a case like this you should send back half of the payment but not more than $1,200.

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above issues.

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