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Did you Receive a Notice from the IRS stating you still owed Money for your 2019 Tax Return?

We have heard from a number of clients recently who stated they received a notice from the IRS stating they still owed taxes pertaining to their 2019 tax returns even though they had already made the payments. The notice also adds on interest and penalties to the amount of tax they claim you still owe.

The IRS has an estimated 12 million items of mail that they haven’t opened yet due to delays from Covid-19. Many of these pieces of unopened mail may contain payments from taxpayers that were made months ago. But once you filed your tax return which showed you owing money the IRS computer shows it as never paid because your payment was never opened, even though you may have sent it on time.

So the IRS has suspended sending out these notices while they continue to process their unopened mail. The IRS has said that if your check has not been cashed yet to not cancel it and make sure you have the funds to cover it for once they do cash it. They also said they would waive bad-check penalties on dishonored checks that it had received between March 1 and July 15, 2020.

Please consult your tax advisor if you do receive a notice from the IRS, before you pay anything, to see if the above pertains to it and if you actually owe the amount or not.

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