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Tips for Amending a Tax Return

The IRS will often correct certain types errors on tax returns but there are situations where you may need to file an amended return. The good news is that amended returns (starting with tax year 2019) can now be efiled whereas prior you had to mail in a paper copy. Below are a few tips to assist you with amended returns:

• The IRS says not to amend for math errors or missing forms. The IRS may correct math errors and accept the return even if forms are missing. If they need any further information they will contact you.
• If you are due a refund from your return that you originally filed, you should wait for that refund before you file Form 1040-X to amend your return.
• You must file Form 1040-X to amend your tax return. 2019 Amended tax returns can now be efiled, any years prior to 2019 still need to be a paper return and cannot be efiled. If you are filing an amended tax return due to a response from an IRS letter you received, you should mail your 1040-X to the address listed on the letter. If not you can use the general instructions to get the correct mailing address:

• Some examples of why taxpayers need to amend their returns are to correct filing status, claim additional income, deductions amounts are different, or credits need to be adjusted. Also keep in mind that changes to your federal return may also change your state tax return, so the state return may need to be amended as well.
• If you owe additional taxes due to you amended return you should pay that as soon as possible.
• File within three-year time limit. Taxpayers generally have three years from the date they filed their original tax return to file Form 1040-X to claim a refund. They can file it within two years of the date they paid the tax, if that date is later.
• You can track your amended return status online:

Please consult your tax advisor on all the above information.

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